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My design journey began at the University of Texas in Austin (my hometown). While completing my bachelor's degree in Textiles and Apparel Design, I worked part time at Paper Place, a local stationery boutique with a 40 year history! I loved learning about both crafts side by side. I moved to Manhattan in 2014 and got my dream job in the fashion industry. I lived in the city and was a women's designer at Ralph Lauren for five years, where I oversaw the women's sport categories, including golf, tennis and the Olympics.

In 2017, I learned calligraphy and opened a stationery business on the side. I began to learn about invitation production to create my wedding invitations in 2018. At the end of 2019, my son was born and I decided to make this passion my full time job, and Amaryllis Paperie was born.

I work out of a light filled studio at the front of our home in Montclair, New Jersey. I have two children now who love music and crafts and I love to spend the evenings playing with them after shutting down my home studio at the end of every day.



In an increasingly digital world, I value the tangible more than ever.  I'm sure you've heard, "the invitation sets the tone for the event." This is something I truly live by. I want to hear all about your event design, all about your love story, and create the most meaningful paper that will get your guests buzzing. This custom wedding invitation we create together will become a treasured heirloom you can show generations to come.

Wedding invitations 

we've been a part of dozens of luxury weddings in destinations all over the world

2023 / 

amaryllis paperie goes full time and begins to partner with wedding planners and friends of friends to spread the word.


i design my wedding invitations for my wedding to my husband james and kickoff a stationery side hustle.

2018 / 

I land my dream job as a fashion designer at ralph lauren in nyc.

2014 / 

project runway premieres and i take my first sewing class. from this day forward, i dream of being a fashion designer.

2004 / 


Through the

It was my lifelong dream to be a fashion designer, but I didn't see a future with flexibility to be present as my children grew up. I love that this business allows me the flexibility to serve couples in love while also creating a schedule to allow time with my own family. My very creative son also has an example every day that an artist can create a thriving career.

I am a very relational person and I truly love collaborating with my couples and their families. We work together for so much longer than the wedding day, and sometimes for over a year! I don't take these relationships lightly and I strive to create a fun and magical memory of your wedding planning process (alongside beautiful stationery, of course!)

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Bug Glynn

very sleepy boston terrier

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studio manager

Tiana Burns

team amaryllis

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Tiana joined Amaryllis Paperie in August 2022 and has been an invaluable team member ever since. She manages the project timelines and suite production with a meticulous eye (she ties a better bow than Haleigh!) 

In her free time, Tiana loves to read, game and try new restaurants. She loves the color purple, prosecco and sour candy. Coming from a background in childcare, she also loves spending time with kids and she is Bug's favorite person.



Bug Glynn is a very neurotic, clingy and personal space oblivious Boston Terrier. She loves to sit as close as possible to Haleigh and Tiana (unless it is raining in which case she hides herself away from all the windows).

We don't know if she is artistic (probably not) but we do know that the studio would be very dull without her as our constant companion. 



Whether you've been dreaming about this day for years or have no idea where to begin, we'd love to connect and begin the collaborative process of crafting meaningful invitations completely unique to you.

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